Workshops con Samantha Star

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2016/09/20 17:45:00

  20/09/2016     18:45h

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WORKSHOPS con Samantha Star

De 18:45-20:15h Ayesha + handspring breakdowns and build ups

Combos hasta y desde escuadra y ayesha: «Breaking down the fundamental steps of solidifying and perfecting ayesha’s and handsprings from the ground up. Once these building blocks are set we will be able to start popping and incorporating into combos.»

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De 20:30-22:00h Ninja Tricks – Achivement Unlocked!

Trucos, giros y combos de Pole Ninja: «Pole Ninja. This workshop is all about tricks, spins and some of my favorite combos. Jade split switches, aerial handspring climbs, regular and cup grip phoenix, handstand variations and more!»

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